Check out our list of the best and worst so far this generation.  The following is a montage of titles you need to get a hold of, or stay clear away from... 


  When you think outside of the box and try to push innovation to the next plateau, you end up with a game like Bioshock. This by far is the best experience hard-core gamers will have so far this generation.

RANK         GAME                                                       GENRE                                  SYSTEM

1.               BIOSHOCK                                              Action/RPG/FPS                    Xbox 360/PS3

2.               RAINBOWSIX VEGAS                                FPS/Tactical                             Xbox 360/PS3

3.               FALLOUT 3                                               Action/RPG/FPS                        Xbox 360/PS3

4.               BORDERLANDS                                        FPS                                          Xbox 360/PS3

5.               CALL OF DUTY 2                                       FPS                                         Xbox 360/PS3

6.               MASS EFFECT                                          Action/RPG                               Xbox 360

7.               FEAR                                                       FPS                                         Xbox 360/PS3 

8.               DEAD SPACE                                            Action                                     Xbox 360/PS3

9.               FIGHT NIGHT RD 3                                    Sports                                    Xbox 360/PS3 

10.              RESIDENT EVIL 5                                      Action                                    Xbox 360/PS3

11.              PREY                                                        FPS                                       Xbox 360

12.              NBA 2K8                                                   Sports                                   Xbox 360/PS3

13.              BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM                          Action                                   Xbox 360/PS3

14.              BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY                      FPS                                       Xbox 360/PS3

15.              SAINTS ROW 2                                          Action                                   Xbox 360/PS3

16.              BROTHER IN ARMS HELL'S HIGHWAY           FPS                                      Xbox 360/PS3

17.              RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2                             FPS/Tactical                          Xbox 360/PS3

18.              GEARS OF WAR 2                                      Action                                  Xbox 360

19.              SAINTS ROW                                            Action                                  Xbox 360

20.              UNCHARTED 2                                          Action                                  PS3

21.              METROID PRIME 3                                     FPS                                     Wii

22.              UNCHARTED                                             Action                                  PS3

23.              PERFECT DARK 0                                      FPS                                     Xbox 360

24.              GEARS OF WAR                                        Action                                  Xbox 360

25.              ARMY OF TWO                                          Action                                  Xbox 360/PS3




Piss poor game-play, hideous co-op implementation and remedial mini-games; Fable 2 exhibits everything we despise about severely over-hyped titles in the hard-core gaming community

RANK         GAME                                                       GENRE                                  SYSTEM

1.               FABLE 2                                                 Action/RPG                          Xbox 360

2.               INFERNAL HELL'S VENGEANCE                   Action                                   Xbox 360

3.               RUMBLE ROSES                                       Sports                                   Xbox 360

4.               ROGUE WARRIOR                                    FPS                                       Xbox 360/PS3

5.               DARK SECTOR                                        Action                                    Xbox 360/PS3

6.               SOLDIER OF FORTUNE PAYBACK               Action                                   Xbox 360/PS3

7.               CONFLICT DENIED OPS                            FPS                                      Xbox 360/PS3 

8.               HAZE                                                      FPS                                      PS3

9.               AREA 51                                                  FPS                                     Xbox 360/PS3 

10.             CALL OF DUTY WORLD AT WAR                 FPS                                     Xbox 360/PS3

11.             DARKNESS                                              FPS                                     Xbox 360/PS3

12.             CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2          FPS                                     Xbox 360/PS3

13.             NO MORE HEROES                                   Action                                  Wii

14.             LEFT 4 DEAD                                           FPS                                     Xbox 360

15.             GTA IV                                                   Action                                  Xbox 360/PS3

16.             KILLZONE 2                                            FPS                                      PS3

17.             STAR WARS FORCE UNLEASHED               Action                                  Xbox 360/PS3

18.             TURNING POINT FALL OF LIBERTY             Action                                  Xbox 360/PS3

19.             CLIVE BARKER'S JERICHO                       FPS                                      Xbox 360/PS3

20.             FAR CRY 2                                             Action                                   Xbox 360/PS3