We want you're experience to feel as free as possible.   Now, "free" to some people mean - far from over the top restraints. To others, it means - freely in their birthday suit during mid-morning mass.  Because we want to STAY online, these are the guidelines to follow  so we don't "pick you off".... Don't make us do a 'Hit-Man' on you home-slice !

So pay close attention to the following, cause if you @#$%-up, that's it...


The Faction Commandments :

Follow these commandments, or force us to ban you FOREVER! Plus we'll send Moses to your location to smack you in the back of the skull with his Mighty Tablet


 § This ain't your grandmother's Mario fansite.  So bluntness will occur. However, if you got some rippin' to do, rip the comment, not the person.  Slight jabs here and there are worthy, as long as it has some real relevance to the discussion at hand.  TROLLING IS DESPISED AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!


§ As the Chapelle Show has shown us, F-bombs are funny and good for the digestive system.  However, this ain't Jerry Springer RAW.  Don't get too stupid.  A simple character mask always does the trick (i.e We will kick mother-f@*&^rs of this F@&%'n site if you punk-a&* b@%!'s don't curb the content……….F@%'N Pu&%Y!!!!)


§ Leave the racial slurs, offensive homophobic outbursts, and over the top references to females to Howard Stern.  These are not his try outs.


§ Did I already say no trolling….Well So What!!  NO TROLLING.  We don't need Chris Hansen camped outside our headquarters in his Men's Warehouse get-up filming exclusives.


If you are confused about any terminology used here, here's a link to help you out:

*Not an actual website -- really...


It's either that or -  peel yourself from your couch ... turn off Leave it to Beaver ... go outside and randomly ask folks "what's been going on for the past 20 years".