In our reviews section we give you you're review fix in volumes:

The Faction Review - is where we give you the full scoop on the game(s) titled. We spent a lot of time going through the ends in and outs of each selection.  We hope for the sake of the developers/publishers it was worth the effort.  Cause if its crap, we're gonna let you know.

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The Faction Diary - If it is taking us too long to spit out a score for a title,  why wait?  Check out our Tidbit review where we give you  just our first impressions on a title.  Hey look, it may help you when you got 8 titles to decide between...

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The Faction Demo Dive - Game Demos are being released more and more on the fly.  It's hard to keep up with all of them if... you know... have a life.  Don't worry, let the Faction's best sink into these titles and give you our impressions.  Hey -- we can help you save a few gigs on that ole' console hardrive.