Even though we offer an experience second to none, you can not take full advantage of what the NAF has to offer without a membership.  Now - hold on, hold on....... to become a member is free. We truly feel that in order to present the true and unique experience of the hard-core gaming community, at times, we need to be quite candid. Now, sometimes that candor can be enough to send "little Bobby" into a f-bomb frenzy and then his mother in to a life long campaign to shutdown our site.  Despite how much our critics would love for that to happen, we're not quite ready to send them such treasured gifts.... So, if your 18 or older, become a member and be able to fully recognize the Faction experience. Such member exclusive experiences include the Faction Lounge, Faction Radio, and more... So if you fit the criteria, feel free to click here, and enjoy!


Let me just start off by recapping our history in hopes that you will understand what we feel is our role within the gaming community:

When we started in 2006, we were just a handful of game enthusiasts bothered by the current lack of innovation in the gaming market. While we, as gamers, began making the transition from the 6th to the 7th generation of consoles, our concerns grew. We participated in many forums only to believe that matters would become even more bleak. Posts after posts praised the mindless and effortless titles that continued to hit the shelves. Developers and publishers were fixed on making the next "Halo" or "GTA" clones, and seemed not to care about providing fresh new experiences.

I personally remember the time me and my room mates were able to amass a large "stockpile" of gaming hardware: 2 PS2's, 2 Xbox's, a Gamecube and a kick @ss PC that we put together ourselves. After living off of canned beets and dry packets of kool-aid for several months, we were surprised to see the lack of games that provided sufficient gameplay to support our console stock pile. What was the purpose of having system link for Xbox or free online Playstation access if everything just had variations of deathmatch! Where were things like co-op in the picture?!!?

Though one of our biggest gripes, it wasn't our only one. Therefore we flooded the local Gamestops (or EB at the time... man we miss you guys and GMR) in hunt for the games that supplied what we were looking for. It is then we had an epiphany, and the brain child to start the New A.G.E. Faction.

As we walked into these retailers, we found more and more hardcore gamers with the same gripes; combing through the selection of games in disbelief. I would often hear gamers ask a salesperson "Hey, can you help me find a game I can play with my friend... and no, I'm not talking about deathmatch!" As I and one of the other soon to be editors stood there, we said to ourselves, "See, we're not the only ones. Others are getting pissed off as well with the same recycled genres." Our voices should be heard we thought. It's time we take over these forums, put the "flies" that are just eating this @#$% up to rest, and make the Industry cater to all of us.

As we shopped around for various outlets to promote the cause, we came across MySpace. Putting our heads together, we collectively thought of ways to connect to the various gamers on the network, while using the Myspace platform to create a unique but worthwhile experience. Since our first release in 2006, we've seen support gather for the cause, and the contributors along with it.

Fast forward a few years, and we began to see the same pop culture demon that has plagued the video game industry make it's mark on social networking. Though MySpace provided a very unique and unmatched experience for us originally, we noticed them react to the loss of marketshare to the more simplified, "Hey I'm eating a sandwich right now..." posting sites. In attempts to keep up, MS has made various changes that has complicated our goals regarding our audience. It became too difficult to keep our followers current on the latest gaming news, while providing a fulfilling yet simple experience for our members. The once online gripes of a few gamers had become something more, and we have to take it seriously. Therefore, we made another big change in less than a year. The new A.G.E Faction experience is no longer using MySpace as it's main platform.
In Q4 2009, we officially moved to the web. Since then we've hosted our own web domain with all the faction content those have grown to love, along with additional Faction goodies.

With that said, we see the growing value within the social networking community. Therefore feel free to reach us through sites like Myspace and Facebook by clicking here.

We want to thank everyone again for your patience. Please feel free to email us at thenewagefaction@aol.com We always are happy to hear from gamers, whether it's good or bad :)